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Cryptocurrency Future

Start saving and enjoy long-term and secure profits

Crypton Digital believes in the power of cryptocurrencies. That's why we offer everyone the opportunity to make money on them

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Purchase cryptocurrencies from EUR 50 a month

Start saving from EUR 50 a month. You choose whether to deposit regularly or irregularly and the amount.

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Choice of two strategies

Choose between a more profitable ALT10 strategy with higher risk, or more conservative TOP10 strategy. The choice is yours.

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One-time fee for account opening

A one-time fee of EUR 200 is paid when opening an account. Then you can enter the future of cryptocurrency and start saving.

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Regular monthly purchase

Every 1st and 15th of a month we update your portfolio by purchasing new cryptocurrencies that deliver long-term and secure profit

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Securely stored offline

Cryptocurrencies are yours from the very start of saving. These cryptocurrencies are stored in a safe, so you can rest assured they're secure.

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Minimum amount and saving period

You can start saving with a minimum EUR 50 per month with a minimum saving period of 1 year. You can withdraw sooner, but with fees.

Watch a video that summarizes all this information

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Our algorithm redistributes your investment in carefully selected high-potential cryptocurrencies. So your return is as high as possible, while the associated risk is reasonable.

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How does it work?

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    Your transaction is sent to our bank account in EUR and then exchanged into bitcoins via our cryptocurrency exchange.

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    Portfolio purchase

    Portfolio purchases are made according to the conditions of the strategy you've chosen. The portfolio is divided proportionally according to the current TOP10 or ALT10 strategy.

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    Secure offline storage

    To ensure the security of your funds, every single coin purchased in the portfolio is securely stored in our offline wallets.


Keep track of your portfolio's value anytime and anyplace directly on your phone. You can view the performance of your portfolio, graphs, changes in portfolio, and portfolio distribution in real time.

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Cryptocurrency calculator

Calculate the value of your cryptocurrency savings if you started earlier

The value is calculated on the basis of regular purchases of Bitcoin at the historical market price in euros, always on the first day of the month.

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