• 26-Apr-2022
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Prominent investors are buying cryptocurrencies. Get inspired too

Large banking companies and even states are already noticing the potential of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have shown their benefits over the past year, and leading analysts have noted their potential in the rising price value and technological advantages.

Bitcoin for 100,000 or up to 200,000?

Many specialists estimate the value of bitcoin at $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 in the foreseeable future. Compared to the last All-Time High peak, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects are slightly declining in price, giving potential investors a clear signal to expand their portfolio.

Big players, also known as "whales", are collecting and buying cryptocurrency to a greater extent; therefore, even a smaller investor can take an example of their behaviour.

The long-term growth potential of cryptocurrency prices is due to their ever-expanding adaptation among regular users. And, in many cases, due to the deflationary nature of cryptocurrencies.

Long-term profit from cryptocurrencies

At CRYPTON DIGITAL, we believe in technology utility and associated long-term cryptocurrency market value growth. Since 2017, we have brought people easy ways to profit from cryptocurrencies.

Our HODL INDEX portfolio expansion proves our strategies' reliability over the past year. The ALT10 portfolio achieved the best, reaching up to 301% valuation. The ALT10 portfolio contains the top ten alternative cryptocurrencies, excluding bitcoin.

The Platform10 Aggressive (126%) and Platform10 Progressive (245%) portfolios also made an excellent profit. One of our first strategies, TOP10, containing the top ten cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, has grown to 110% in 12 months.

Calculate your profit

Are you interested in the valuation you would have today if you started to benefit from cryptocurrencies with the CRYPTON DIGITAL earlier? Calculate the value of your Hodl Index portfolio if you bought it sooner.

With our HODL INDEX calculator, you can choose the strategy, amount of investment and date of purchase. The calculator will immediately calculate the approximate nowadays amount of the selected portfolio.

For example, if you decided to invest 3,000 € in December 2019 and bought the TOP10 portfolio, you would have more than 21,000 € in your account today. Or, if you purchased the ALT10 portfolio for 2,000 € in July 2018, the portfolio value would be more than 8,000 € today. Calculate your investment in our online HODL INDEX calculator.


Calculate the value of your Hodl Index portfolio if you bought it earlier.

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Strategies for everyone, the CRYPTO&GOLD portfolio is a new one

At CRYPTON DIGITAL, we offer 7 strategies with different valuation potentials and corresponding risks. You can find a detailed list on our website; you can select from them for a one-time investment within the HODL INDEX program or by gradual shopping in the CRYPTOCURRENCY FUTURE.

Our new strategy is a tailor-made portfolio for times of crisis, the CRYPTO&GOLD. The CRYPTO&GOLD's portfolio includes a balanced 50:50 investment in physical gold, represented by PAX GOLD and digital gold, in the form of bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most established decentralised cryptocurrency with a "deflationary" character.

Thanks to this, bitcoin is considered a digital gold and a store of value.

The second part of the CRYPTO&GOLD strategy is the PAX Gold, which token, according to the London Good Delivery rules, represents one troy ounce of gold. Every holder of the PAX Gold token is de facto the owner of physical gold deposited by Paxos.


Choose from our products and start profiting from cryptocurrencies today.

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