• 02-Jun-2022
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New phenomenon: Investing in blockchain-driven real estate

Investing in real estate through a blockchain opens the door also to smaller investors worldwide.

Real estate is one of the safest investment sectors, but its availability is often more difficult for a large part of the population due to its high price. However, the real estate market is changing by a new phenomenon - tokenization. Investing in real estate thus also opens up to smaller investors, students, and a broad public.

Tokenized real estate

In comparison to the options used so far, blockchain enables faster and safer transactions in real estate. Blockchain relies on cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Tokens serve as digital assets and can be bought, sold, transferred, or exchanged on specific platforms.

New technology is becoming more attractive to many investors, and investing in real estate is becoming more affordable. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is possible to "divide" real estate ownership through the non-fungible tokens, NFTs.

Thanks to tokens, the real estate market wants to make investment opportunities available to as many people as possible. Tokenization makes it possible to divide the property into parts, which will make it easier for small investors or people to whom the banks do not provide mortgages easily to acquire part of the property rights.

You can buy a share in a house or apartment and any other property via tokenization.

Ownership of such an NFT token entitles its holder to various benefits, e.g., a rental share, whether short-term or long-term. Of course, as the price of real estate rises, so does the NFT token value. At the right time, you can sell it at a profit and transfer its ownership to another person.

AMANTIUS Apartments in Dubai

Blockchain and tokenization are also applied in the new AMANTIUS product, which CRYPTON DIGITAL, SE clients can purchase easily.

Each of the five AMANTIUS apartments represents a constant number of unique tokens. The ownership of each token is registered and verifiable on the blockchain. Trading and sale of the AMANTIUS tokens will be possible at the end of 2022 on the WEXO NFT marketplace.

In addition to increasing the token value (depending on the property's rising price), the token owner also receives other benefits - it will be possible to profit from the short-term and long-term rentals. Another benefit is travelling to the apartment for up to 5 nights, staying for free, and enjoying your vacation.

AMANTIUS apartments are in a newly built complex, in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR City), on one of the main streets in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The real estate is located near the centre of Dubai and the international airport and will be home not only to residential apartments.

You will also find several retail stores, restaurants, and other civic amenities. The beautiful riviera with clear waters of Chile and the Maldives' white sands combines the best French Mediterranean design and modern architecture to create the ideal place for modern community life.

We expect the real estate value to increase by up to 50 - 80 % due to the lucrative location and assumptions of the real estate market in Dubai.

Take advantage of modern real estate investments powered by blockchain. Expand your global investment portfolio now, and gain benefits and profit in the long run, thanks to the AMANTIUS project and CRYPTON DIGITAL, SE.


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