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Crypton Academy

Exclusive training covers a wide range of topics related not only to Bitcoin and blockchain, but also to cryptocurrencies and money in general.

Become a certified professional

A certified consultant, trained by the Crypton Academy, is an experienced professional who knows the main goals of the contribution of cryptographic technologies and their role or purpose in the global system. First of all, he is able to use the collected knowledge in practice himself. He is able to argue professionally (or lead a professional conversation), answer more demanding questions of interested parties (clients), and also delegate knowledge to downstream structures for raising the expertise of the team.

The Crypton Academy certification focuses on both the theory and practice of how new technologies are being used in everyday life.

Exclusive training covers a wide range of topics related not only to Bitcoin and Blockchain but to crypto-assets in general. A successful graduate of the Crypton Academy will acquire comprehensive knowledge and expertise, which will be a catalyst for his career growth, effective provision of services, and consultations with interested parties (clients) and partners.

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Three-day Crypton Academy training

Exclusive training, thanks to which you will become a certified consultant who knows the main goals of the contribution of cryptographic technologies.

Practical financial literacy

1st part of the training

  • Money cycles, principles, their rules and conditions
  • Economy - the fuel of the economic machine and its digitization
  • Immutable economic measurement principles—determining values and expressing their market prices
  • Strategic provisions from the laws for the correct use of money - maintaining solvency

Money and assets, as we know them

2nd part of the training

  • Value Money Models of the Past - Understanding the Cryptocurrency Value of the Future
  • The first model of decentralized managed digital currency, the development of its principle for asset and data management
  • There is no bitcoin like bitcoin and there is no digitization like digitization
  • DLT networks and blockchain - record distribution technologies
  • Crypto assets and economics in practice

Megatrends are reshaping economies

3rd part of the training

  • From cryptocurrencies to the metaverse
  • Disruptive technologies - new tools in everyday life
  • Artificial intelligence - regulation, contribution, and benefit to society
  • Tokenization of systems - a logical extension or a solution to current problems
  • NFT - Non-Fungible Token Trend
  • Metaverse - virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
  • Web 3.0 - new version. The current one has changed its original course

Training schedule

3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (regular coffee break during training)

from 12:00 to 13:00 (long break, lunch)

after 16:00, free discussion (optional)

The characteristics of the test

Question Icon 40


Stopwatch Icon 45 minutes

Time to work it out

Medal Icon 2 years

Validity of certification

Check Icon 70%

Certification condition

The date of the certification exam will be announced to the participants in advance. The exam will be held within two weeks of completing the complete training.

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Crypton Academy's expert committee

The exam is evaluated and expertise is assessed by the Crypton Digital exam committee, whose members are both crypto professionals and holders of international certificates in the field of blockchain technologies, cryptoassets, and their functionality.

Marcel Falat
Marcel Falat
Guarantor for expertise and education
Martin Kuchár
Martin Kuchár
Certified Bitcoin Professional Product Specialist, Wexo
Marek Kopecký
Marek Kopecký
Token and DeFi specialist